Loss of a baby Testimony

A Father’s Assurance

The following is a letter which bears testimony to God’s working in a couple’s lives whose baby had been still born. The letter is from the father, on behalf of him and his wife sent to a grieving couple who have lost their baby.It reveals the comfort which is spoken of in 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, that we can share with those in affliction, because of the comofort we have known from our God.

Words at a time like this are difficult to describe the sense of hurt and loss you both are experiencing and we would want to express our sympathy to you both. Having ourselves come through the excitement of a new life about to be born then have our world changed forever when we are told that our baby would be born sleeping, we can empathise in some ways with you, but understandably, not share in the exact emotions you are both feeling at this time.

Like you, we have tremendous support from our family and friends who helped us get through the difficult times then and continue to do so.

There are times when we reflect on what happened and wonder what might have been, there are times when we simply ask,  “why us? And why did it happen then?” We have no doubt that you both are asking the same. Then we consider what God tells us, that He has a plan for our lives which at that time, was for Him, a time in which He used our experience for His Glory. We are convinced that because of this, He used us to touch many lives in the hospital, surrounding community and our respective work places. Our Consultant was a tremendous source of inspiration and encouraged us not to be put off by our experiences. After much thought and prayer, we now have a wonderful bubbly daughter whom we love and cherish together with her older sister.

Be assured of God’s grace to you both at this time. It is Him who is in control and although what may seem now a set back in your plans, remember God has a plan that one day will become clear.

We would be foolish not to tell you there will be difficult days ahead; there will be times and events that will stir emotions. The songster writes “the darkest hour of the day is one before the dawn”.  May that dawn come quickly for you both.

You are both very much in our thoughts and prayers at this time. You know where we are if you think we can be of help.

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