Reflections on Psalm 121

1. Jerusalem was a walled city and the Psalmist may have had temple tithes on his possession, accounting for 10 per cent of his annual income.  Therefore he would be rich pickings for robbers and thieves hiding in the hills.  His security was therefore threatened by the potential dangers, toils and snares in the hills.

2. Similarly to Pauls thorn in the flesh in  2 Corinthians 12:7, which are never told about,  the Psalmist is unspecific here allowing those reading to consider their own unique sufferings and hardship.

3.  “My help comes from the LORD,who made heaven and earth”. v.2.   This is a statement of faith and declaration that the Psalmist knows the one, true, living God.

4. God has proved His faithfulness throughout history to His people Israel and he doesn’t sleep. He is always watching, he is always listening, he is always caring and he is your God!

5. The Psalmist is saying that all the natural trials and hardships of life will not overcome you.

6. He is not just the God who is up there, who is distant and remote, He is also the God who is down here, who is up close and personal and who is “my help” v. 2 and who “watches over you” v.5.

7. Even death, the last enemy shall not over whelm us. We are not immune from hardships or death, but we are armed against it and  we shall certainly over come it!