Under the Rainbow is a collaborative Christian resource initially launched in Glasgow in 2011 to support parents who have lost children, particularly before or soon after birth.  The resource also includes support and information on infertility and adopting and fostering.

The main aim of Under the Rainbow is to encourage people in their walk with God. Through Biblical resources, peoples’ personal stories and other information, it is hoped people will be upheld and comforted and glory and honour will be brought to God.

Judith Keefe initiated and developed Under the Rainbow with support from many people who have directly experienced loss or want to support the resource.   Judith and her husband, Jonathan, have experienced multiple miscarriages.

Under the Rainbow is now a ministry of Rutherford Centre for Reformed Theology.   RCRT are committed to working with church congregations, Elders, leaders of churches and Academics to help people think Biblically and Theologically especially across Scotland.

Why Under the Rainbow?

God has made a promise to us in the sign of the rainbow.  He is a promise making, promise keeping God.  Whether we are experiencing great encouragement or great difficulties and challenges in life, we can rest assured that as Christians we are under God’s banner of love and protection always.  It is here, under the rainbow that we will know hope and ultimate assurance.


If you support the aims of this resource and would like to find out how you could be involved or would like promotional flyers please email us at admin@undertherainbow.org.uk.

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To Judith and others responsible for this site – thank you for all your prayers, hard work and tears. I’m sure this resource will be a source of comfort, inspiration and help to many. John

The loss of a child is a difficult experience for anyone to endure. Though I have not personally endured this trial, as a Pastor, I have mourned with my people who have. Just last week I walked through a miscarriage with a freshly married couple and the resources found on this site were richly cherished. I hope to see the resources on this site grow as we continue to cling to the covenant promises of God, given “to us and to our children forever” (Deuteronomy 29:29).

We have used the website a lot over the past couple of months and we have found it to be very helpful. The written testimonies were great especially, and really gave us a sense of peace that we weren’t the only ones who had been through this kind of ordeal. This is a great resource that has blessed us tremendously.

What a brilliant resource this is, and one which I will definitely be directing people to. I’m sure that the encouraging words and moving personal testimonies must be a real source of comfort. It is also a great resource for those who want to be able to offer support to someone in these situations.

I have found this resource to be a very positive thing to mention to two of my friends who have experienced the loss of a child. Offering sympathy and doing practical things like providing meals is great but never having experienced such a loss myself I was thankful to be able, after a time, to point them in the direction of this website. On both occasions my friends have said they found it a comfort to read the stories of others who have suffered the same losses and how it helped them even to understand better their own feeling and thoughts.

Thank you so much for the website- we have been dealing with infertility and baby loss and considering adoption and we find it very helpful. It is good to have a resource which is Scottish based and with Christian principles. I’ve found the website the best and most uplifting Christian resource to help us in our situation. It is really good to have a resource which we can relate to practically in terms of procedures as well as spiritually.

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