Reflections on Psalm 139

1. The Lord God who made us is all powerful. Has done a thorough search of us and therefore knows us like no-one else – however isolated and misunderstood we may feel. He has insight into, and knows well our thoughts even when he is (or seems) far from us.

2. The psalmist doesn’t just claim God knows a generic ‘everything’, but details God’s knowledge – his dwelling, moving, going places, staying put, habits, routines, the thoughts which precede our words and even thoughtless words are known by him beforehand.

3. We can go no-where without God being present. The distance we experience and the darkness of the situation make no difference to God’s presence. Even when we are convinced we are far away from God he is right there with us.


(i) He took great care in ‘intricately’ creating us.

(ii) He knew us intimately – even our birth day and death day – before anyone else.

(iii) God is very skilful:

“The process [in the womb] is compared to that in a piece of work wrought with a needle, or fashioned in the loom: which, with all it’s beautiful variety of colour, and proportion of figure, ariseth by degrees to perfection, under the hand of the artist, framed according to a pattern lying before him, from a rude mass of silk or other materials” (Calvin).

And all of that in the darkness of a mothers womb!


(i) Even before a mother knows she is pregnant God is ‘weaving’ within her. 

(ii) God knows the intricacies of the smallest of fetuses.

(iii)Fetuses are fearfully and wonderfully made.

(iv) Even as he does his weaving within the womb, God knows the exact lifespan of our children.