Welcome to Under the Rainbow (UtR), a Christian resource for the loss of a baby, infertility, adoption and fostering.

This website primarily seeks to encourage and support people in their relationship with God through Biblical resources whilst providing practical information, reading recommendations and testimonials.

May you know more the one true living God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who has promised to keep you with an everlasting love in whom you can rest secure, sheltered safe, under the rainbow.

"We have used the website a lot over the past couple of months and we have found it to be very helpful. The written testimonies were great especially, and really gave us a sense of peace that we weren’t the only ones who had been through this kind of ordeal. This is a great resource that has blessed us tremendously."

New release

Karen S Palmer,  author of Jennifer: A Life Precious to God, has recently reviewed this book:

“Unless I’m mistaken, I think this is a first. A Christian devotional for men following miscarriage.  Even though I’m neither a man, nor have experienced miscarriage, I found it a really helpful read.  The style is very different from “female” equivalents. For one thing, there’s a lot more straight talking.  The Biblical passages are not immediately the most obvious but they are wonderfully grounding and help expand thinking and perspective. The words are not Eric’s ‘opinions’ but clear, logical, incisive teaching which encourage and give space for personal reflection.   

A book that points to a loving God to whom every life, including yours and your child’s, is precious – and which gives solid understanding and certain hope”


"I find this resource such an encouragement. To hear the honest exploration of individuals pain and vulnerability in the midst of extreme loss touches on so many familiar areas experienced through our own daughters cot death.

"As a counsellor who has worked with Christians grieving in this area I find this website a valuable resource for myself, as well as being a great support for my clients. My thanks goes to all those willing to share honestly of their experiences of loss and what it meant to do so within their journeys of faith."
Celia Burns
Association of Christian Counsellors